Wellness, Core and More in 24

19 November 2020

Taisie Grant (Nugent 09) is organising ‘Wellness, Core and More in 24’, a charity wellness event on 27-29 November in aid of Supporting Wounded Veterans (SWV). This event is 24 hours of wellness across 3 days including movement, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation. 

The movement includes a variety of yoga types (vinyasa, dynamic, slow-flow, yin, HIIT yoga, kids’ yoga, yoga for athletes etc.) Pilates, HIIT, strength & conditioning, mobility, calisthenics, handstands and more.

There is an incredible line up of global teachers within their respective fields including a talk on 'Stress and Resilience' by an ex-Special Forces veteran and founder of The Natural Edge, Simon Jeffries and some amazing breath work sessions including from leading figure in breathwork, Richie Bostock.

To register for this event, please click here.

Tasie writes:

SWV helps supports medically discharged veterans who have been physically injured or suffered PTSD as a result of their service. Many of these physical and mental injuries the veterans battle with are life-changing, if not shattering.

Since 2013, SWV have helped over 90% of their veterans find meaningful occupation. They do this through a specially designed rehabilitation programme which includes a ski-habilitation week, pain management, mentoring, and employment programmes designed to transition the veterans back to civilian life and in to employment.

To take a veteran through the full programme due to the level of support provided, it costs the charity £14,200 per veteran. SWV relies entirely on contributions, sponsorship and donations to fund these veteran programmes.

In March 2021 I, along with 25 other volunteer 'ski buddies', have the privilege of partaking in the veteran’s ski-habilitation week (their first step in the veteran's rehabilitation program) where SWV will be taking a group of seriously injured war veterans to the Swiss Alps.

As a buddy, I will be partnered up with an injured veteran and my role is to offer support and encouragement in any capacity they need and to look after them during the week, assisting the adaptive ski instructors. From simply getting them to the slopes on time with the right kit, to skiing with them, picking them up from falls, listening, building relationships of trust and kinship and all that is required for them to get the most out of their journey, while helping them to enjoy the mountains and all that they offer. I will be their ears, their eyes and their confidant for the week.

By joining ‘Wellness, Core and More in 24’, you can help raise the necessary funds to help veterans to whom we own so much, as they start to rebuild their lives and shape their future as they adapt to their new normal. Alternatively, you can visit my JustGiving page.