Water2 - Special Offer

11 July 2023

Mr Peter Wood (Chatham 19) is Head of Sales for his new start-up, Water2. Since leaving Stowe in 2019, I've had ample time to reflect on the profound influence this school has had on shaping my character and building this company. 

Initially, we introduced the Pod™️, an innovative under-sink water filter, with 1,300 times the power of a standard filter jug.  Essentially this is a ‘bottled water factory’ under your sink, and the compact, cutting-edge filtration system operates silently and quickly, requiring minimal maintenance and no electricity. This is the future of water filtration in the home.

We have just launched our new canned water, with water sourced from a pristine Leicestershire spring. The water undergoes the same advanced filtration technology we offer to thousands of households in our Pod™️.  Our recyclable cans are an alternative to single-use plastics, and by choosing Water2, you can enjoy pure, great-tasting water, and be part of the ecological movement away from single-use plastic bottles.

Water2: #1 Premium Water Filter for UK Homes –

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Peter Wood (Chatham 19)