Stowe Science Review

26 May 2017


The latest edition of the Stowe Science Review is now ready and can be accessed by following this link. This is the last edition of the year and my thanks go to this year’s editors Skye Longworth (Upper Sixth, Nugent), Georgina Skinner (Upper Sixth, Nugent) and Fabiola Koenig (Upper Sixth, Lyttelton). They have done a marvellous job this year for they have not only increased the number of articles and drawn in more contributors but also widened the range of topics and produced some stunning pictures to go with the many fascinating articles. The articles they have written themselves have been of the highest standard but the care and attention they have given to pieces written by other Stoics has been tremendous. I highly recommend this latest edition which covers topics as varied as personalised medicine, the Science behind Sherlock Holmes, the future of batteries, and snake bites, amongst others. I would encourage the many Stoics with an interest in Science to write articles. They will receive all of the support they need from this year’s editors and get the joy of seeing their article in print.

James Tearle, Head of Science