Stowe Netball

3 February 2024

On Saturday 3 February, Stowe Netball competed in the Regional round for the National Schools' Netball Competition with U14, U16 and U19 teams; the first time Stowe have qualified as County Champions (U14 and U19) and runners up (U16).  

The experience for the two Junior teams was hugely beneficial, many having never played netball to such a high standard before. They gave a great display of high tempo netball and represented the School superbly. 

In the U19 competition, Stowe put on an incredibly impressive performance throughout the day demonstrating real determination and accuracy in their play.   

In their first match, Stowe had a great battle against Brighton College. The Stowe team showed great determination and skill, ultimately defeating Brighton College with a final score of 12-8.   

The second match saw the team take on Ryde. Stowe dominated the game, showcasing their exceptional teamwork and strategic play. They emerged victorious with a final score of 15-4.   

Next, they were up against Barton Peveril. The Stowe players maintained their momentum and displayed exceptional skill, securing a win with a final score of 13-6.   

In their fourth match of the day, Stowe faced a tough challenge from Sir William Borlase. The game was highly competitive, with both teams giving their all. Stowe managed to secure a narrow victory with a final score of 10-8. 

The U19s fifth match was against high class opposition in Wellington College. The Stowe players continued to demonstrate their prowess on the court, overpowering their opponents and emerging victorious with a remarkable final score of 15-6. 

In the final group game, the team faced another formidable opponent in St Helen’s and St Katherine’s. The game was intense, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and tenacity. Unfortunately, Stowe fell short, losing to St Helen’s and St Katherine’s with a final score of 9-14.   

Despite this loss, the U19s impressive performance throughout the qualifying round, secured them a spot as group winners! 

A win in the Semi-Final would result in automatic qualification to the National Schools' Finals on Saturday 16 March at Oundle School.   

In the Semi-Final game against Hurst, Stowe naturally faced yet another tough challenge. The first half of the game was closely contested, with both teams putting up a strong fight. At halftime, the score was very tight, 4-3 in favour of Stowe. The second half saw both teams pushing themselves to the limit. In the dying seconds of the game, Stowe managed to secure a crucial goal, clinching a narrow victory with a final score of 9-8. The team were ecstatic and had given their absolute all! 

With this win, the U19s have earned qualification for the National Schools Finals, another first for Netball at Stowe. The team showcased exceptional skill, determination, and teamwork throughout the qualifying round. Their impressive victories and great decision making on court earned them a well-deserved spot in the National Schools' Netball Finals. 

Charlotte Calland, Head of Netball