Stowe CCF welcomes Major Andrew Arnold as new Commander 

8 January 2024

The Combined Cadet Force has a fresh face at the helm! Following the departure of Kirsty Gerrard (who left to take up an unexpected opportunity to teach Chemistry at a School in the Seychelles), Major Andrew Arnold has been appointed as Contingent Commander.  

In his third-year teaching Maths at Stowe, Andrew is embracing this new challenge, hoping to inspire the next generation of Cadets. “The CCF offers a unique blend of discipline, challenge, and comradeship, and I’m thrilled to be leading this exceptional program”. Speaking of his own cadet experience he highlights the skills and confidence it instilled in him. "It's an honour to pass on that legacy to the Stowe Cadets." 

From navigating the complexities of military engineering to deciphering the rhythm of the oil rigs, he has now found a home in the mathematics classroom and relishes the opportunity to ignite the spark of discovery in young minds. 

Outside the classroom and CCF drills, Major Arnold is a Dad to two energetic young boys. His heart thrives in the vibrant community of Bruce House, where he serves as Assistant Houseparent. "Family is everything to me," he confides, "and the sense of community at Stowe extends far beyond the classroom walls." 

He is passionate in all aspects of his work, be it explaining an intricate mathematical concept, orchestrating a CCF field exercise, or cheering on the pupils at a sports match. As he takes the reins of the CCF, one thing is certain: the Stowe Cadets are in good hands. Under Major Arnold's guidance, they will navigate not just military manoeuvres, but life's own challenges, equipped with the tools of leadership, perseverance, and a thirst for knowledge. The future of Stowe's CCF shines bright, fuelled by Andrew's unwavering belief in the potential of every Cadet to rise to the occasion. And who knows, perhaps some will even be tempted to follow my path; from rig to regiments, from equations to engineering feats; proving that adventure and academic pursuit can find perfect harmony in the life of a Stowe pupil. 

The term kicks off with a busy and action-packed rotation of operations relevant training for all Cadets before the Fifth Form break off for their final substantial training before their exams at the field-day on Friday 8 March, for which further details will be shared closer to the time.