Sports Day 2017

3 July 2017


The team results for Sports Day on Friday 26 June were as follows:

Junior Boys: 3rd Grenville, 2nd Chandos and 1st Grafton.
Intermediate Boys: 3rd Grenville, 2nd Bruce and 1st Grafton.
Senior Boys: 3rd Grafton, 2nd Temple and 1st Bruce.
Overall: 3rd Chandos, 2nd Grafton and 1st Bruce.
Junior Girls: 3rd  Queen’s, 2nd Nugent and 1st Stanhope
Intermediate Girls: 3rd  Queen’s, 2nd Lyttelton and 1st Nugent
Senior Girls: 3rd  Stanhope, 2nd Queen’s and 1st Nugent.
Overall: 3rd Stanhope, 2nd Queen’s and 1st Nugent