Natasha Blake

Position: Teacher of Biology, Assistant Houseparent
Department: Biology, Science, Stanhope House
Qualifications: BSc Southbank

Contact Information:
Telephone: 01280 818306

What do you enjoy most about your subject?

I still get a thrill to watch students discover. Looking at their own cheek cells under a microscope and the sheer detail that living organisms are made from.

What do you enjoy most about Stowe?

The space, the resources, the students, the friendly staff. What is there not to like about this beautiful place?

What is your favourite lesson?

It is probably not a student’s favourite lesson.  I love teaching my upper 6th form class lengthy biochemical pathways, and literally when they think no more can get added to their brain....they have that light bulb moment and can and understand the process. 

What do others say about you?

Apparently I have a calm voice? I hope I am considered as approachable, fair, consistent and terrible at drawing diagrams on the board- I sadly have got a GCSE grade E in Art! 

Other hats at Stowe

As well as teaching Biology and Chemistry, I love my time at the equestrian centre. Having realised I don't bounce very well following a couple of falls from when I rode, going down the hill to the centre is just wonderful. I have also set up and run the Psychology Society in which a brilliant group of students and guest speakers lead fascinating talks.  I have also lead LSAS groups, and I am currently the SCITT teacher mentor within science.


I love spending time with my family, my husband and three children travelling and exploring other cultures. Who can forget Axel, who is the my ex medical detection dog. He is a big favourite with many of my classes.

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