Jena Ntumba

Position: PrepCo, EdCo
Department: Governing Body

Contact Information:

Jena Ntumba deeply appreciates the global education sector and exhibits a profound understanding of schools and the context within which they operate. Jena is passionate about education, leadership and learning environments, particularly in the Early Years Foundation Stage. Throughout her 12-year tenure as CEO of a Multi-Academy School Group, she was pivotal in driving expansion and successfully established 15 schools under a unified brand. Currently, she leads transformative initiatives and approaches school leadership with innovative solutions, positioning the schools under her guidance at the vanguard of educational excellence.

Jena holds a Master's degree in Business Management and is pursuing a second Master's in Psychology. This educational path has endowed her with a wide range of expertise, specifically in organisational psychology, strategic leadership, and children's development. With her diverse academic background, Jena is well-equipped to enhance educational experiences and spearhead positive transformations within thriving educational communities. Extensive international travel has granted Jena a global perspective, enriching her understanding of diverse cultural contexts and providing her with a platform to advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in education. Alongside her professional achievements, Jena deeply enjoys the classic performing arts and cherishes quality time with her husband Cedric and their daughters.

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