Learn to Lead Programme

Today schools must prepare children for an uncertain world; a world with more opportunities and challenges than ever before. Preparing pupils for the fundamental challenges of our time, and for jobs that don’t yet exist, is a vital part of a Winchester House education.

Winchester House’s Learn to Lead is an all-inclusive, pioneering programme that teaches leadership and team-building. The programme equips pupils with the right tools to approach and tackle problems and challenges in the current and future world, encouraging the children to develop the qualities required for leadership and giving them every opportunity and support in practising them.

The model is unique for prep school children and the school leads the way in this vital area of learning, development and confidence building. More than a decade on from its first iteration, the programme remains at the heart of all the school does.

In addition to the Learn to Lead programme, many aspects of school routine have been adjusted to enable Upper School children to exercise greater responsibility for themselves and their peers. This culminates with the Year 8s completing a Learn to Lead log book based around 14 personal qualities which they reflect on during their final year to help them make the most of the many opportunities that come their way.

Across the year groups, practical leadership tasks are presented to the pupils as part of their curriculum. Facilities, such as a low-ropes course, have been installed to enrich the children's experience. The programme also involves a number of challenges throughout the year, and expeditions including bushcraft, wild camping, mountain climbing, rock climbing and kayaking.