Minibus Routes

Run by our dedicated team of professional drivers, the Winchester House minibus service is a safe, convenient and flexible way to travel to and from school for pupils in Year 1 and above.

We currently operate three Home to School routes and one School to Home route. This is due to current demand, However if demand increases we will look at options for families.

Please email for more information.

Route A

7:25am  Blisworth: Royal Oak

7:40am  Greens Norton: Butcher's Arms 

7:45am  Towcester: McDonald's Carpark 

Route B

7:40am   Boxing Hare: Carpark

7:50am   Hempton: Duns Tew Road 

7:55am   Deddington: Bullring Carpark 

8:05am   Clifton: The Duke Pub 

8:15am    Aynho: Cartwright Arms Layby

Route C

7:30pm   Bure Park: Carpark 

8:00am   Croughton: The Blackbird Inn Carpark 

8.10am   Evenley: The Red Lion 

Route D

6:35pm   WHS

6:50pm   Aynho: Cartwright Arms Layby

6:55pm   Clifton: The Duke Pub

7:00pm   Deddington: Bullring Carpark

7:10pm   Hempton: Duns Tew Road

7:20pm   Boxing Hare: Car park

All our minibuses have regular safety checks and are equipped with seat belts, fire extinguishers, first aid packs and CCTV for safety. Our drivers are regularly assessed by an independent Minibus Driver Assessment company.