Parties, Politics and Petticoats: 18th-century life for the Ladies of Stowe

Friday 18 August, 3pm

About the event

Afternoon tour

Join us as we discover what life was like for the 18th-century ladies of Stowe. During the Marquess and Marchioness’s time, Stowe House enjoyed a reputation as the ultimate party palace. It was at the sparkling peak of its splendours, hosting and entertaining the celebrities of the day along with European Royalty. As we tour the House we will delve into the history of the times and explore the broader context of life for women in this country. We will also discover what it was like to be mistress of one of the most majestic English houses of the period and one of the finest examples of an 18th-century estate in Europe.

Pre-booking is essential. Arrive at the Stowe House Welcome Centre at 3pm for a hot drink. Explore our exhibition in our Discovery Centre before you depart on your tour at 3.15pm. Your ticket includes a Stowe House Annual Pass and admission to the House all day, this gives you chance to explore the House further before or after your specialist tour.

Please note that your ticket does not include admission to the National Trust Gardens. Find out more about garden admission prices here. If you decide to include a garden visit as part of your day with us please leave enough time to walk from the New Inn visitor centre through the gardens to the House (suggested 30 minutes).

If you do not want to include a visit to the National Trust Gardens as part of your day please arrive at the Stowe House private entrance (MK18 5EH signposted Stowe School) where you can park close to the House.

Please read our Ticket Refund Policy before booking