A Play in a Week : The Great Explorers Adventure - POSTPONED

Monday 27 July, 9:30am

About the event

Venue: Roxburgh Hall

Dates: 27 - 31 July

Hours: 9.30 - 4pm 

Following on from the successes of Where the Waters Wave (2018) and Temples of Time and Space (2019). Arts at Stowe and Red Phoenix Storytelling unite for Great Explorer’s Adventure.

During this week, the participants will go on their own exploration taking in a visit to Stowe Gardens for inspiration they will gain experience in theatre, storytelling and clowning during the five-day sessions. The perfect opportunity for the young actors to develop their own deas and characters into a self-created performance to family and friends at the end of the week. This will be expertly directed under the guidance of Terrie Howey of Red Phoenix Storytelling and her team. Terrie says of the play-in-a-week, “We start with no script, not even I know what we will present by Friday, I believe giving young people ownership over all aspects of the play, from script to props, sound to direction which is exciting as it is daunting. Yet, I am always so impressed by the hard work and dedication that arises during the week, the ideas the participants develop, and how much they grow in confidence. 

Whether you’re a young actor looking for inspiration or want an active week of fun during the holidays this will be a week to remember!

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