Tales from Lancaster West Estate - Devised Plays

Wednesday 23 May, 7pm

About the event

Arts at Stowe Members Event
Venue : Roxburgh Hall

Using Verbatim Theatre to process and try to understand the circumstances that led to the tragic events of June 14th 2017 when the Grenfell Tower was engulfed by flames, Stowe pupils have developed a series of theatrical work through practical exploration of the history behind the development of the Lancaster West Estate, the social and cultural demographic of the residents in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea; the timeline of events on 14th June including the rescue operation by London Fire Services and the deadly combination of decision-making over decades that may have contributed to this disaster.
In a sensitive presentation of their response pupils invite you along to experience their work, consider the questions they pose and pay tribute to those who lost their lives.

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