Lost Forest: A Play in Five Days

Monday 21 August, 10am

About the event

Stowe Creative Academy

Ages: 8-13 year olds
Ability: Open to all abilities and confidence levels
Dates: 21-25 August

Tales around the world tell of unlikely heroes who wander unwittingly into the woods only to find wisdom hidden within the forest, sometimes in the form of wise men and women, cackling crones, the fey folk or even talking beasts and how those hero’s destinies are transformed. But what if the forest itself got lost and all those in it?

During this week the participants will explore the woodlands of Stowe Gardens to find inspiration for creating their own, self-created performance at the end of the week. Gaining performance skills in theatre, storytelling and clowning the full day sessions will encourage the young actors to think about the forest as a character in its own rights. Encouraging discussions about real world environmental aspects of forest importance as well as fantasy themes of witches, fairies and animals the play-in-a-week course is suitable for anyone between 8-14yrs, and will developed by the young people themselves under the guidance of Terrie Howey of Red Phoenix Storytelling & Productions.

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