Ordering the Universe Private View

Thursday 25 January, 8pm

About the event

Venue : Watson School of Art

Charles Ogilvie and Daniel Crow started collaborating when Charles was studying scupture at the Royal College of Art and Daniel was studying for his PhD in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College. Quickly realising their shared scepticism of the sometime illustrative and one-sided engagement between their two fields, they agreed to collaborate on a new work to critique this rapidly proliferating inter-disciplinary trope.

Ordering the Universe is a record of over five years of collaborative work between the two plus other works on similar themes including work shown at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University and a new work Fundamentally Constant produced for this show.

Art Exhibition will run from January 25th - February 10th

To reserve a place for the private view or to see the exhibition please email thearts@stowe.co.uk or call us on 01280 818012