In Session with Mali Mae

Sunday 4 March, 7:30pm

About the event

Arts at Stowe Members Event
Venue : Ugland Auditorium
Running Time : 2 hours including interval

As singer songwriter, accomplished musician and one of the brightest of our stars in the Stowe firmament, Mali has delighted audiences at Stowe playing a range of instruments from violin to guitar. With the help of fellow musicians from Stowe, she will take us on an eclectic musical journey; from Classical to Jazz. The evening will also showcase Mali as a singer songwriter and give us an insight into this exciting young emerging talent.  A limited ticket event so please book now, so as not to be disappointed.

"I would love for my audience to walk away feeling like they know who I am as a musician. What I am capable of and what my passion is.  Obviously I am hoping for there to be something for everyone in my performance" Mali

To reserve seats or to enquire about Arts at Stowe Membership please email or call us on 01280 818012