Holocaust Memorial: The Power of Words

Wednesday 24 January, 8pm

About the event

Arts at Stowe Members Event
Venue : Ugland Auditorium

A very special event to honour the victims of the Holocaust, one of the worst atrocities ever committed in the history of mankind.  

This year we are highly privileged that Holocaust survivor Hava Salter will be speaking about her profoundly moving experience as a young girl growing up in Poland during the time of the Holocaust. Stoics and staff will join Hava in an evening of music, art and the spoken word. 

Hava was born, in 1935, to a Jewish family in a small town, Turka, which was then in Eastern Poland.  Her life was dramatically changed when the German army took control in 1941 and what is now known as the Holocaust, or Shoah, began.  Hava was the only member of her close family to survive and was taken from Eastern Europe by her uncle in 1945 just before the Iron Curtain began to descend. She was allowed to join her remaining family in British ruled Palestine in 1946 and grew up in the newly born State of Israel where she served in the army and qualified as a  physiotherapist, despite having no education to the age of 10. In 1960 she visited England, met her husband and they have brought up their family here together, which now includes grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Hava will be sharing her own story in the hope of giving a new generation a sense of what it felt like to be a child in such a terrible time and to help preserve a living memory of what should never be forgotten.

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