Stowe School Drama presents The Crucible

Wednesday 27 November, 7:30pm

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Stowe School Drama presents The Crucible 

by Arthur Miller 

‘The theatre is a world of imagination. We should tell the audience stories that are important for them, for us, today, not like yesterday, not like, oh, in somewhere in time people were like
that. No. We are still like that.’ Ivo Van Hove discussing his 2016
Broadway production of The Crucible. In this canonical 1953 play, Miller documents the late 17th Century Salem witch trials as an allegory forMcCarthyism and the anti-communist  hysteria. The Crucible is a masterpiece in its depiction of how finger-pointing, fear-mongering, power and self-interest in a society can swiftly ignite leading to false accusations, persecution, division and mass hysteria. In class, the pupils have enjoyed putting the play on its feet, breathing life into the text and characters whilst realising their beliefs, values, hopes and fears are not so far from their own. For this reason, Stowe
Drama have chosen to revive the play, to see the curriculum in action and bring Miller’s cautionary tale to a new generation of audiences.
Suitable for ages 11+
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