Fiori Musicali presents Frederick the Great

Thursday 26 September, 7:30pm

About the event

Venue: State Music Room

Frederick II was an ardent patron of the arts. A fine flautist, he wrote over 120 sonatas for  flute and surrounded himself with the cultural glitterati of the day.  Fiori enter his vibrant  musical world with music by his court harpsichordist CPE Bach, his flute teacher JJ Quantz, and the great JS Bach who wrote the Musical Offering for him.
CPE Bach Trio Sonata for flute and violin in G Frederick II Flute Sonata in C
Quantz Trio Sonata in C minor F Benda Violin Sonata in C minor 
JS Bach Trio Sonata from the Musical Offering

Eva Caballero flute

Kerstin Linder-Dewan violin

Poppy Walshaw cello

Penelope Rapson harpsichord

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