The Salvage of the Century

Wednesday 8 November, 7:30pm

About the event

Location : Ugland Auditorium
Running Time : 70 mins plus Q & A

Mike Stewart worked in and on the oceans of the world for over fifty years.  He held a Short Service Commission in the Royal Navy, specialising in diving and bomb and mine disposal and went on to manage diving operations globally, from the North Sea to New Zealand and the Atlantic to the Pacific.    This evening Mike will  talk about his role in masterminding and leading one of the most challenging  diving operations in recent history, the British expedition in 1982, to recover five tons of Russian Gold from HMS EDINBURGH lost in the Arctic Convoys of WW 11. The consignment left Murmansk in Northern USSR, destined to pay the Allies for war materials when the Flag Ship was torpedoed by ‘U’ Boat 456 and sank in over 800ft in the Barents Sea on 2nd May 1942.  In 1982 this project was right on the edge of diving technology and even after thirty five years the achievement of this saturation dive, working at  800 feet remains a world record to this day.
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