Liam Biswell Print Making Workshop

Sunday 12 November, 10am

About the event

Location: Watson School of Art
Running Time: 7 hours

Learn a new skill and create incredible prints in our printmaking workshop exploring the Drypoint Etching process. You will use the etching press and learn about techniques, such as Chine-collé, and be encouraged to use texture, shape, composition, colour and mark making in your etchings. Liam will also consider and discuss the options for editioning and mounting prints, with oft asked questions by emerging print makers.
The etching process involves scratching the surface of a plastic plate to create line and tone by using various different tools. Images will be provided for you to work from on the day or you can bring your own. Most images will work for this process from photographs, magazines, books, or drawings.

Tel : 01280 825710