Legacy News

Roxburgh Society Annual Luncheon 2016

Wednesday 8 June was a sunny fun-filled day as we celebrated our annual Roxburgh Society Luncheon .To mark the occasion this year, we adopted the theme of nature as we celebrated Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s tercentenary and the creation of the English Country Garden. Old Stoics and members of the Stowe Community who have pledged a legacy were treated to a range of entertainment, inspired by nature:  the quality of the interactive performance from our Drama department on Shakespeare’s nature sonnets was ‘A1’.  Drama pupils dressed up and disguised themselves as catering staff and surprised all the guests! The music recital by Jeffrey Au (Third Form) was breathtaking, and the Landscape exhibition by our Art department showcased the ever-present Stowe buzz at its glorious best.
At lunch, Ben Mercer, Development Director, made an important announcement:  trees at Stowe are one the great characteristics of our beautiful landscape gardens and trees will now be planted in the School grounds, in memory of our Legacy donors. Members’ names will be recorded in the Stowe Tree Book, which will be stored in the library and tree planting ceremonies will be held for the families of our Roxburgh Society members to be commemorated. This new initiative is a wonderful addition to the Society and we are thankful to The National Trust for working with us.
We are grateful to all the guests for coming and to our Art, Drama and Music departments, who worked so hard in helping us achieve such a vibrant day.  We look forward to the next Roxburgh Society occasion in autumn. For further information about The Roxburgh Society please contact me on halanazi@stowe.co.uk