Leave your Mark 2016 Leavers' Legacy

The 2016 Leavers’ Legacy is a collective challenge which aims to increase the School’s ability to fund bursaries and scholarships. This year the Leave Your Mark Leavers’ Legacy offers a selection of naming rights in buildings and in other areas of school life. Our aim is to provide a programme in which everyone will feel willing and excited to participate. The Bursaries and Scholarships Fund plays a vital role in Stowe’s objectives; we care passionately about making access available to any pupil who would benefit from a Stowe School education, regardless of family background or wealth. 

We would be profoundly grateful if you would join the effort and make the Leave your Mark 2016 Leavers’ Legacy something that we can be proud of, and that other year groups can endeavour to match.  To date, our leavers have collectively raised £256k to The Bursaries and Scholarships Fund, which is a wonderful contribution and we hope one which encourages you.  Your support to this initiative really can make a mark, a real difference, to the lives of many future Stoics.

For further information please contact the Development Team, click here for contact details.