The Worsley Science Centre

A forward- looking and innovative design, this magnificent building has 18 laboratories, each designed to accommodate classes up to 24 pupils, six lecture theatres, a Sixth Form Science Centre and prep rooms.

As the first building visitors see when they enter the School grounds, the Worsley Science Centre makes an important statement about our education values and beliefs.

Stowe’s new Science Centre was officially opened on Tuesday 24 January 2017 by the family of Henry Worsley (Grafton 78), the Polar explorer who died tragically on his solo attempt to cross the Antarctic. The building has been named the Worsley Science Centre in celebration of Henry’s life. Henry was the only person to have completed the two classic routes of Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen to the South Pole. On 24 January 2016, Henry died while attempting the first solo, unsupported and unassisted crossing of the Antarctic landmass. He was just 30miles from his target.

The Opening was a very special day and we are enormously indebted to all those who contributed to the Science appeal which began in 2013. The Worlsey Science Centre would not exist without the vision and generosity of its donors – thank you.

The Chung Music School

From the start of construction in July 2012 to completion in December 2013, the new Music School at Stowe was one of the most ambitious development project at Stowe - indeed it is arguably the most important new building at the School since the opening of the Chapel in the 1920s.

Anthony Wallersteiner, Headmaster, explains the context for the project: "Music has always been an important part of life at Stowe since the great Dr Leslie Huggins, the School’s first Director of Music between 1929 and 1952. Now, with an outstanding orchestra, wind, brass and jazz bands, chamber ensembles and string quartets, choral society, chapel choir and numerous rock groups, Stoics are encouraged to explore the widest range of musical creativity.  Our ambition has been to create one of the very finest Music Schools in the country."

At the heart of our vision for the building lay the philosophy of 'Music for Everyone', brought to life through facilities and spaces that would allow musicians of all levels, interests and disciplines to enjoy, listen, learn and perform.

Stowe is greatly indebted to the many individual donor and grant-giving organisations who have contributed nearly £4 million to the 'Music for Everyone' Appeal.  Without their belief and support for our vision, the Music School would never have become reality.  Their generosity, in part, has allowed us to realise our ambition to become one of the very few 'All Steinway' schools in the UK.  All 24 pianos in the Music School are Steinway pianos: from the upright pianos in each practice and teaching room, to the 'Model D' concert grand piano in the Recital Hall.

We look forward to attracting the finest touring musicians, to welcoming the local community to Stowe for concerts - and to establishing Stowe as a national centre for musical excellence and opportunity.

The Roxburgh Hall

The Roxburgh Theatre (or 'Roxy' as it is affectionately known) is an iconic building. It has been central to life at Stowe for over five decades and perhaps most famously was the venue for the concert by The Beatles in April 1963. The Roxy, though, remained largely untouched for 50 years and was in urgent need of repair and restoration.

Our ambition was not only to repair the leaking roofs and substandard services but also to remodel it and provide a truly superb theatrical facility for many years to come. In 2011 the roof was replaced and the ceiling repaired; in 2012 the auditorium and stage area were completely refurbished, producing facilities that match any good local theatre; in 2013, a complete re-rendering and fitting of new doors and windows transformed the exterior.  Work in 2014 culminated in the refurbishment of the 'wings' of the theatre, creating new classrooms, studio and teaching facilities that will allow the Roxy to become the home for all Theatre and Drama at Stowe.