Assessment for learning and the power of feedback - Becky Ellers

Breaking Down the Talent Myth - Dr Julie Potter

Building leadership and life skills - Peter Deakin 

EAL strategies and development - Julie Johnson 

Exploring our attitudes and behaviours towards exercise during a busy working week - Andrew Jackson

Thriving on success challenging the more able - Peter Dennis & Jon Murnane

Winwin, positive behaviour management - Nick Bayley & Lucy Miller
Session Breakdown



Digital Drawing - Dan Scott

Leading a positive psychology university - Professor Alan Martin 

Management Matters - Alice Deakin

Mental Health Awareness - Zoe Sole & Grace Bowler (Buckinghamshire Mind)
Pathways to Well-being - Zoe Sole & Grace Bowler (Buckinghamshire Mind)
Buckinghamshire Mind Leaflet
Counselling for Children & Young People Leaflet
Emotional well-being Handout
Peer Support Service in Schools Leaflet
Useful Resources

Professional Leadership vs Personal Life?  Some good news; there should be room for both! - Christian Pritchard

Singing - Miles Nottage

Supporting staff well-being - Sharon Carter



A glimpse into mental health and how it presents itself in children and young people - Louise Springall

Digital Safety - Adi Gupta

Too much support? - Liam Copley and Sharon Carter