Breakout Sessions

Leadership Stream

Morning Breakout Sessions
Headmaster's Question Time - Dr Anthony Wallersteiner
This session will be an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to ask questions to three distinguished Headmasters and get an understanding of how to lead a whole school. 

Pupil Leadership - Peter Deakin
Preparing School Prefects, Captains and Heads of House, leadership training for pupils, emotional Intelligence and Communication skills, transactional Leadership. Using real examples from a variety of schools and case studies, this session provides: 
  • example leadership training programme structure and materials. 
  • tips and techniques on how to develop and embed the importance and concept of leadership, emotional intelligence and effective communication. 
  • ways to support existing pupils in growing their roles and being transactional leader.
Developing Independent Learners - Emma Rayner

How the Vanguard Programme encourages intellectual curiosity and reflective practice at Stowe.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions


Changing the Mindset of a School Julie Potter
How do you go about embedding a new way of thinking about talent across an entire community? 

Motivate your Team - Jon Murnane
Starting with a primer/recap on primary leadership & motivation styles, the session will then explore some historical exemplars underpinned by the context of the school/classroom environment. 

Leading Staff Development - 
William Goldsmith
Techniques on how to set up and manage a whole school staff training system using home grown talent. Highly valuable staff development at a fraction of the cost. 

Pastoral Stream

Morning Breakout Sessions
Preparing Pupils for the Demands of a Senior Boarding Environment - Liam Copley
The first few terms of boarding school can be an emotional roller-coaster for both parents and pupils. This session will provide an insight into how the transition from prep school to senior school can be made easier for both parties. Through a discussion of good practice we will look at strategies to help the pupil and parents both emotionally and academically as they first prepare for this change and then experience the first term of senior boarding school. 

Developing Elite Athletes in Education - Kyle Bennett
Kyle has a deep knowledge of elite sports performance and he is running a session on how to apply that knowledge to help adolescent athletes develop a growth mindset to both academic and sporting performance. 

Housemasters' Forum - 
Matt Gracie
Using the existing whole school system to facilitate growth mindset in kids you look after and running your own house team to facilitate boys to have growth mindset. 
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Building Character - Peter Last
We all like to think that our schools help to build character, but what is character? Can it be taught? Can it be measured and can we assess how effectively we might help to build it? 

Building and Managing the Culture of a Boarding House - 
Gavin Moffat
This session will be especially useful for new Housemasters while also being appropriate for anyone who works as part of a House team or is looking to move into pastoral management.  

Virtuosity and Mastery through CrossFit - Mandy Dawson
How Crossfit can be used in schools to develop a growth mindset in every part of a student’s life. 

Teaching and Learning Stream

Morning Breakout Sessions
Nudges - Nick Dennis
Workshop will be on ‘Nudges’ in Education and look at how behavioural insights and cognitive psychology can help support pupil learning. 

Drama Starters for the Terrified! - 
Nick Bayley & Lucy Brassell
This practical, participatory session will be ideal for colleagues who are looking to explore a range of tried and tested starter tasks, theatre games, energisers and consolidation activities that will not only enhance your own drama sessions but will help release the creativity of your group.

Stretch Beyond the Syllabus - Paul Thompson
Robotics, Programming, High altitude balloons, Greenpower, Eco projects, Bloodhound, Crest and many more. There are many great projects that provide opportunities for students to be extended and apply their knowledge outside the classroom. Focusing mainly on the robotics teams work with the VEX robotics competition I'll talk about the cross curricular links and benefits to the students of such projects. Hopefully giving you some ideas of project you could start and allow the students to lead and take control of. 
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Flip your Classroom in 15 Minutes - Paul Floyd

Paul demonstrates an innovative method of making massive amounts of flipped lessons with minimal resources, and ideas of what to do in class time. 

Mastery Points - Charlie Barker
The ultimate multiplier, an idea that gives choice and autonomy to students to encourage academic excitement and self-directed practice. 

How to Intertwine ICT with Traditional Teaching Methods - James Tearle & Louise Carter
James and Louise will discuss how best to combine traditional methods with ICT in Science. They will share their experience of using ICT in the classroom, covering both the use of multimedia by teachers and how classes can collaborate using iPads in lessons. There will also be some traditional and lively chemistry demonstrations.