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Enabling Teachers and Students to Thrive

There is an increasing body of evidence that a focus on well-being leads to greater achievement. Research has found that a positive attitude can lead to a longer, healthier life and greater career success. As teachers and students spend so many hours at school, it is imperative that it is a place where all can flourish and achieve.

As staff, we can act as a catalyst to improve positivity in the classroom. Well-being and happiness are tied to increased motivation, perseverance towards goals, resilience to overcome obstacles and greater creativity. What is there not to like? Improving the mental health and happiness of our young people and ourselves can help to improve academic success. We want our young people to look at life and see all its possibilities.

We are extremely pleased to welcome two keynote speakers, Jonnie Noakes and Katy Granville-Chapman, who have been at the forefront of promoting happiness and emotional intelligence in schools. There is a fantastic array of breakout sessions which focus on both student and staff well-being. They provide both inspiration and practical strategies which can be applied in the classroom, as well as some sessions offering more general professional training to teaching staff and their leaders.

We hope you enjoy the conference! 

09:00-09:30 Registration & Coffee - Music Room 

09.30 Welcome, Dr Anthony Wallersteiner - Roxburgh Hall

09:45 Keynote Speaker, Jonnie Noakes on Happiness - Roxburgh Hall

10:45 Coffee 

11:00 Morning Breakout Sessions

12:00-13:00 Lunch - State Dining Room

13:00 Afternoon Breakout Sessions

14:00-14:15 Coffee

14:15 Keynote Speaker, Katy Granville Chapman - Roxburgh Hall

15:15 Dr Anthony Wallersteiner - Roxburgh Hall

15:30 Conference Closes

This conference is open to teachers from both primary and secondary schools (state or independent sector). There is no charge to attend and lunch will be provided.