Jonnie Noakes

Jonnie Noakes

Jonnie Noakes is Director of Teaching and Learning at Eton, and the Tony Little Centre, Eton College, a centre for pedagogical excellence, evidence-informed practice and research into teaching, learning and leadership in education. It works with universities, schools and researchers across the world to take the most promising innovations and evidence-informed practices from research to classroom. A forward-thinking educator, he is a mentor for startups at Emerge Education, a leading London-based seed investor for Edtech companies. He is an expert in character education, with two decades of experience in teaching emotional intelligence and a deep knowledge of boarding education, having been a boarding housemaster for twelve years. As an English teacher he has published fourteen titles on contemporary novels for A-Level and undergraduate level, designed to cultivate intellectual independence. A Trustee of the United Westminster Schools Foundation and of the Grey Coat Hospital Foundation, he is Chair of Governors at Queen Anne’s School in Caversham, an editorial board member of the Chartered College of Teaching’s new journal Impact, a member of the global research committee of the International Boys’ School Coalition, and a Director of the charity BrainCanDo which aims to improve cognitive performance and attainment, foster a love of learning and to enable a healthy and productive approach to personal development.”

How can schools support pupils’ happiness? Educators have always cared about the wellbeing of their charges, but this question is acquiring a fresh urgency as evidence builds of a decline in young people’s wellbeing, especially during adolescence. At the same time, there is a growing body of research which throws new light on how schools can promote wellbeing successfully. Jonnie Noakes will offer evidence-based answers to a cluster of questions related to wellbeing in schools. How do we define happiness? How much does happiness impact on learning? With which other factors is happiness most closely associated, and which factors support it? The talk will look at the research methods schools have been using to answer these questions, and will share up-to-date research insights from the work of the Tony Little Centre at Eton. 


Katy Granville-Chapman

Katy Granville-Chapman
How could we improve the flourishing and wellbeing of teachers?

Katy is a Geography teacher at Wellington College School and the Director of the Wellington Leadership Institute.

As well as founding the international leadership programme, she has also advised No 10 Downing Street and the Cabinet Office on leadership and character development. Before Wellington, Katy served in the British Army as a Troop Commander and then trained soldiers and young officers in leadership serving in Iraq, Nepal, the USA and across Europe. Katy is currently reading for a DPhil at Oxford asking ‘how can school leaders improve the flourishing of teachers?’

The teaching profession is, arguably, failing to flourish. In a recent survey of 3,500 UK teachers, 84% of respondents said their job impacted negatively on their health; 76% were ‘seriously considering’ leaving the profession. This session will take an interactive look at how teachers can improve their own and each others' wellbeing, drawing upon the latest research from psychology, neuroscience and positive leadership

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