Becky Ellers

Assessment for learning and the power of feedback - Becky Ellers

Becky is currently Director of The Buckingham Partnership SCITT having began the role in 2016. Becky started her teaching career in 1997 and has taught in schools in London and Buckinghamshire. She worked for several years as a Consultant at Buckingham Education Authority before taking up her first headship in 2009. Becky was awarded National Leader in Education status in 2015. 

Her session on Assessment for learning looks at practical ideas in the classroom which are aimed at helping teachers ensure pupils make progress in every lesson. 


Dr Julie Potter

Breaking Down the Talent Myth - Dr Julie Potter

Julie Potter is the Academic Deputy Head at Stowe, teaching History and Projects and also leads the School’s core Vanguard programme aimed at building core learning skills of all students. She believes an important first step in encouraging students to develop a healthy attitude towards themselves and their learning, whether academic or co-curricular, is to break down the common misconception that talent is something you are born with (or without).

This talk is aimed at explaining some of the latest thinking on the neuroscience of learning and how teaching students about this can help to unlock their potential.


Andrew Jackson

Exploring our attitudes and behaviours towards exercise during a busy working week - Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the Head of Physical Education and Sports Science at Stowe. Currently in the fourth year of teaching at Stowe having taught at both Akeley Wood and The Royal Latin. Andrew is passionate about the powers and impact of regular exercise on productivity and staff well-being.

This session aims to get us all thinking about how we can squeeze exercise and/or recreation into our working week. At a busy boarding school how can we manage and meet our expectations for staying active. It will also be exploring our motivations to get off the sofa or away from our work desk to fit in some much needed exercise. Andrew does not claim to have all the answers, but hopes the session will get you thinking, and set you on the path to making a change!



Professor Alan Martin

Leading a positive psychology university - Professor Alan Martin

Alan joined the University of Buckingham in 2004. His PhD research (UEL, 2005) was in children’s understanding of science, particularly astronomy. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). He teaches the undergraduate modules and supervises both MSc and DPhil postgraduate students within the department.

Alan will describe how the University of Buckingham is to become Europe’s first positive university by adopting the approach of positive psychology among staff and students to enable them to be happier, feel more engaged with learning and develop a purpose in their lives while studying and beyond.


Christian Pritchard

Professional Leadership vs Personal Life?  Some good news; there should be room for both! - Christian Pritchard

Christian is currently Headmaster of Beachborough School, an independent co-educational, day and boarding Preparatory school for children from 2 ½ to 13. Prior to this Christian was Headmaster of Ranby House Preparatory School in Nottinghamshire and, before that, a Head at the British School of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Christian has spent 15 years of his career to date working in British International schools in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. He holds a Master’s degree in Education and is an ISI school inspector. Christian is married to Zoe and has two daughters. Hobbies include, travelling, mountain biking, music and magic!

This will be a one hour practical session full of thoughts, ideas and tips to help existing and aspiring leaders to be the BEST they can be, as a professional leader with a personal life!


Alice Deakin

Management Matters – Alice Deakin

Alice is a qualified executive coach, mentor and facilitator. She coaches individuals and teams at senior levels across all sectors and delivers leadership programmes covering a broad range of topics. Her most recent project has been the development and delivery of a Leadership Programme for Finance Directors of Further Education Colleges across the UK. She also sat on the Board of Governors of two independent secondary schools. Whilst not a teacher herself, Alice is married to Peter, a current Housemaster at Stowe School so finds herself happily immersed in the world of Education when not at work herself.

All too often we are promoted into academic, pastoral or co-curricular management positions without necessarily being trained in the skills required to manage well. This session will help you to understand the true impact of great managers on their teams. It will provide you with a number of practical tips to help you to manage your team more proactively and effectively, driving up both individual and team performance.


Grace Bowler

Pathways to Well-being - Zoe Sole & Grace Bowler (Buckinghamshire Mind)

Grace has been working for Buckinghamshire Mind for over three years now, starting off as Counselling Office where she gained an extensive amount of knowledge around mental health, signposting, communication skills and different types of mental illness to then moving on to the Children & Young People’s department as the Peer Support & Education in Schools Co-ordinator. Grace has trained and delivered in over fifty schools, organisations and clubs since starting her new role in February 2018, offering bespoke workshops in the education department which range from focusing on anxiety, relationships, transitions to signposting, mental health awareness and emotional literacy. As well as supporting the Peer Support in Schools Service with delivering full days training to peer mentors and visiting schools to deliver feedback sessions. 

Zoe Sole has a background in both psychology and performing arts and has combined her passion for dance and psychology working as a research assistant in the Dance Psychology Lab at Hertfordshire University, helping to investigate the neurological benefits of dance for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Zoe began volunteering as a befriender and peer support group facilitator with Bucks Mind whilst at the University and went from volunteer to employee in the befriending service and later in the children and young people’s services. She maintains a teaching post at Sargent and Plester School of dancing. Zoe has an enthusiasm and drive to promote mental well-being, and delivers training to both adults and young people, now leading Buckinghamshire Mind's Peer Support and Education in Schools service working with 50+ schools across the county. 

This session will be focused on mental well-being, including The Five Ways to Well-being. It will cover effective ways to improve poor mental health and how you can prevent your mental health from declining. It will explore emotional well-being, coping strategies and what you can do individually to improve your mental health. The session will also investigate how staff can keep healthy mentally in the school environment and how they can build resilience.



Liam Copley

Too much support? - Liam Copley and Sharon Carter

Liam has lived and taught in boarding schools for the last 20 years. He was first an Assistant Housemaster at The Leys, Cambridge from 1995 until 2001. From 2001 until 2009 he was a Housemaster at Welbeck College, after which he returned to The Leys as Director of Sport, whilst his wife ran one of the girls’ boarding houses. He moved to Stowe in 2013 to become Housemaster of Chatham. Since 2010 he has been a Boarding Inspector with ISI.

The first few terms of boarding school can be an emotional roller-coaster for both parents and pupils. This session will provide an insight into how the transition from prep school to senior school can be made easier for both parties. Through a discussion of good practice you will look at strategies to help the pupil and parents both emotionally and academically as they first prepare for this change and then experience the first term of senior boarding school.


Louise Springall

A glimpse into mental health and how it presents itself in children and young people

Louise is currently Senior Counsellor and DDSL at Stowe School, having worked as a counsellor since 2007 and as a psychotherapist since 2014. Prior to Stowe, Louise worked in schools around Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire as well as within a private clinic.

This session will take a look into what mental health looks like and how barriers can be challenged in order to support, achieve positive outcomes and engagement with children, young people and families.

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