Lucy Miller

Winwin, positive behaviour management - Nick Bayley & Lucy Miller

Lucy joined the staff at Stowe in September 2014, following her PGCE at Reading. She has a wealth of practical experience in drama, theatre and performance from her degree studies at UEA and an MA at York. She teaches across the age and ability range at Stowe and has already made a significant contribution to the direction and production of many varied and eclectic performances presented by the Drama department.


Nick has been involved in drama, theatre and education for over 35 years. He trained as a teacher at Bretton Hall and as an actor at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, under Rudi Shelley and Nat Brenner. He has worked professionally as a performer and director in shows ranging from Pinter to Pantomime and taught in both of Buckingham’s Secondary schools before arriving at Stowe in 2003 to become Director of Drama. His association with the WJEC over the past 17 years has included work as an Examiner, Moderator and INSET provider for both their GCSE and Advanced Level courses.

This practical, participatory session will be ideal for colleagues who are looking to get their students up on their feet! Explore a range of tried and tested starter tasks, theatre games, energisers and consolidation activities that will enhance your own practical sessions and help release the creativity of your group. Please bring along any of your favourite games and strategies so that we can share best practice!

Peter Dennis

Thriving on success - challenging the more able - Peter Dennis & Jon Murnane

Peter Dennis teaches Philosophy and Religion at Stowe, and is responsible for Academically Highly Talented students in the Lower School. He was previously a Fellow in Philosophy at the London School of Economics

'Stretch & Challenge'?, 'Gifted and Talented'?, 'Pushing the Top 10%'?, We are all familiar with the need to cater for our higher-performing pupils, but no single teacher or department holds the monopoly on the conception and implementation of good ideas towards delivering this differentiation. This session, led by the co-ordinators of the Junior and Senior Scholars at Stowe, seeks to offer a teach-meet forum with a view to sharing best practice and ideas from across all departments and fields. The session is aimed primarily at those who already run extension groups or subject-specific societies as well as those who are seeking to reinforce and cultivate the academic development of their highest achieving pupils.


Julie Johnson

EAL strategies and development - Julie Johnson

Having worked in boarding schools for 16 years as an English teacher, EAL teacher, Summer School Director of Studies, Houseparent and Head of EAL, Julie has an in-depth appreciation of both the academic and pastoral needs of international students for whom English is a second language. 

This session will focus on effective mainstream EAL strategies to support the development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for multi-level EAL students across the curriculum, using case studies to clarify best practice.


Peter Deakin

Building leadership and life skills - Peter Deakin

Peter is a Housemaster at Stowe and currently runs and co-ordinates the school prefect training and leadership initiatives. He has previously worked at Merchiston in Edinburgh and Charterhouse in a variety of leadership positions such as Head of Geography, Director of the Co-Curricular and Master in charge of Cricket at Charterhouse. He is passionate about providing pupils with opportunities to lead and develop as young leaders. His interest in leadership stems from his sporting background as a former captain of Dorset CCC and studies at the University of Buckingham for his Masters in Educational Leadership.

This session will focus on how to train School Prefects, Captains and Heads of House in emotional intelligence and communication skills. Using real examples from a variety of schools and case studies, this session provides:  example leadership training programme structure and materials, tips and techniques on how to develop and embed the importance and concept of leadership, emotional intelligence and effective communication and ways to support existing pupils in growing their roles and being transactional leaders.



Zoe Sole

Mental Health Awareness - Zoe Sole & Grace Bowler (Buckinghamshire Mind)

Grace Bowler has been working for Buckinghamshire Mind for over three years, starting off in the Counselling Office where she gained an extensive amount of knowledge around mental health, signposting, communication skills and different types of mental illness, then moving on to the Children & Young People’s department as the Peer Support & Education in Schools Co-ordinator. Grace has trained and delivered in over fifty schools, organisations and clubs since starting her new role in February 2018, offering bespoke workshops in the education department which range from focusing on anxiety, relationships, transitions to signposting, mental health awareness and emotional literacy. As well as supporting the Peer Support in Schools Service with delivering full days training to peer mentors and visiting schools to deliver feedback sessions. 

Zoe Sole has a background in both psychology and performing arts and has combined her passion for dance and psychology working as a research assistant in the Dance Psychology Lab at Hertfordshire University, helping to investigate the neurological benefits of dance for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Zoe begun volunteering as a befriender and peer support group facilitator with Bucks Mind whilst at the University and went from volunteer to employee in the befriending service and later in the children and young people’s services. She maintains a teaching post at Sargent and Plester School of dancing. Zoe has an enthusiasm and drive to promote mental well-being, and delivers  training to both adults and young people, now leading Buckinghamshire Mind's Peer Support and Education in Schools service working with 50+ schools across the county.

This session will cover mental health awareness, including what is mental health, the stigma and discrimination around and mental health in the media. It will also take a whistle stop tour of different types of mental illness and how different each one can be. The session will also include what are key mental health concerns and why we need to be aware of them, an introduction into into the teenage mind and what challenges they face and issues facing students and staff re: digital/online presence e.g. body image.


Miles Nottage

Singing - Miles Nottage

Miles has worked for many years as a professional pianist and composer, releasing records and writing for production music libraries which have led to my work being used by TV channels in the UK and abroad. He has held the position of Head of Rock, Pop and Jazz at Stowe for the past seven years. In January 2017 he started a choir for the local community and Stowe staff – The Boogienotes Rock & Pop Choir - which rapidly became very popular and now has sixty-five members. They rehearse a repertoire of popular, well known songs once a week and give three or four performances each year (our next being on the 19th December at Stowe).

During the session Miles will be talking about the positive effect on well-being of hobbies and activities outside of work and will welcome input from the group about their own pursuits during their downtime. Naturally, he will be discussing the well-being associated with creating music together, regardless of musical background and looking at how this emotionally rewarding experience can foster a sense of comradery and community.


Sharon Carter

Supporting staff well-being - Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter has worked in both state and independent schools as a SENCo. She recently took on the role of Head of Staff Development and Well-being here at Stowe. She would like to share the research around the subject of well-being and happiness at work with practical ideas that teaching staff can put into place to help them “Thrive”.

Alice Deakin

Management Matters – Alice Deakin

Alice is a qualified executive coach, mentor and facilitator. She coaches individuals and teams at senior levels across all sectors and delivers leadership programmes covering a broad range of topics. Her most recent project has been the development and delivery of a Leadership Programme for Finance Directors of Further Education Colleges across the UK. She also sat on the Board of Governors of two independent secondary schools. Whilst not a teacher herself, Alice is married to Peter, a current Housemaster at Stowe School so finds herself happily immersed in the world of Education when not at work herself.

All too often we are promoted into academic, pastoral or co-curricular management positions without necessarily being trained in the skills required to manage well.  This session will help you to understand the true impact of great managers on their teams. It will provide you with a number of practical tips to help you to manage your team more proactively and effectively, driving up both individual and team performance.

Dan Scott

Digital Drawing - Dan Scott

Before coming to Stowe in September Dan was studying for a Masters in Theatre Design at the Bristol Old Vic, designing and building sets for directors from the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Royal Opera House. Through his studies Dan started to develop drawing and design techniques on the iPad, especially for my costume and lighting designs.

There is copious amounts of research about the need for "downtime" to ensure well-being and to recharge batteries. Using the app 'Sketchbook' by Autodesk, Dan will introduce you to some of the basic functions of this amazing drawing program and how you can use this in your own downtime to make drawings and paintings, doodles, collages or generally just mess about!

For this session you will need a tablet/ iPad with the app 'Sketchbook' already downloaded (it is free!) and a stylus pen. It works best with an iPad Pro or Surface tablet.


Digital Safety - Adi Gupta

Adi is a computer scientist, a teacher, tech guy and a student. He has been a teacher for many years and has taught in a university, FE Colleges, State Senior Secondary and Independent schools. Along with teaching, in most institutions he has worked at, he has also managed, developed and maintained digital and network systems. He has passionate about technology and its ability to enhance learning across the education sector.

This session will focus on delivering digital safety to learners in secondary schools. The technological advances today means that keeping up with digital innovation is near impossible, hence to deliver digital safety for individual applications is not necessary. The focus has to be to develop a culture of using safe practices when dealing with cyber technologies. The session will highlight age specific topics, online resources and an opportunity to discuss different ways of delivering a positive safety message to learners.


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