The Athletic Development Department manages the fitness and physical capabilities of all the pupils. All pupils are encouraged to make use of all the facilities available throughout the year. Specific training is provided to all our high-performance athletes as well as the sports teams requesting further focussed fitness training.

Opportunity for Participation
All pupils have access to the fitness facilities and are encouraged to use it to their full advantage. The gym is open to all pupils outside of academic time and staffed by a strength and conditioning (S&C) coach. 

High Performance
Athletes who show great potential and an outstanding attitude to their chosen sport are invited to join the Sports Performance Programme.
Junior Performance Programme (Third & Fourth Form) meet once a week as a squad and focus on improving their physical capabilities as well as mind set and mental preparation.
Senior Performance Programme (Fifth & Sixth Form) meet once a week same as the Juniors to train as a squad.

  • Enrolled with a sport specific mentor to keep up to date with their training, performance and balancing sports and academic expectations.
  • Individualised strength & conditioning programmes
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Sports massage and injury prevention


  • We are equipped with eight basketball goals with also the ability to play three mini games across the width of the sports hall
  • 1 Athletics Track Court
  • 2 Courts on our Shop Courts

Athletic Development is headed up by George Coote. Running a team of dedicated Strength and Conditioning coaches focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of all the pupils here at Stowe. As well as utilising the extensive knowledge and experience of the rest of the sports coaching Department.