Stowe Centenary Book

We are thrilled to present our commemorative coffee table book – Stowe 100, a celebration of the spirit and ethos of the school in its Centenary year. With stunning photographs gathered over five full academic years by Jonathan Glynn-Smith, the book is a reminder of just how special Stowe is as a school, and the images will evoke strong emotions and memories for anyone who has been connected with ‘this certain spot in this world vibrating to indefinable music’.

With words by Dr Anthony Wallersteiner, the text tells the story of the creation of the school, its founding principles and the notable characters who carried their vision of education throughout the last century. Looking to the future, the book also examines the relevance of a Stowe education as we teach and mentorCentenary-Book-Pages-(1).jpeg young spirits as they go out to face the challenges of the increasingly complex wider world. Above all, the Centenary book captures the beauty and majesty of the mansion, the landscape gardens and the energy of the Stoics as they study, play sports and participate in so many activities across the creative and artistic spectrum.

Some of you will have had a glimpse of Jonathan’s remarkable work on the @stowestudio100 Instagram account, but the book contains many hitherto unseen images captured through his unique behind-the-scenes access.

The book has been edited by author and journalist Tim Ecott, a former BBC World Service staff correspondent. Tim’s journalism appears widely in the national press and he is a regular contributor to BBC programmes such as Crossing Continents and From Our Own Correspondent.

We very much hope you will want to own this limited edition book, immaculately cloth bound and in its own distinctive slip-case – a thing to be admired and treasured like our memories of Stowe itself.