Stowe Distance Learning Programme (SDLP)

Stowe values each pupil and our culture of continuous improvement inspires everyone to become the best version of themselves. For nearly 100 years we have provided a rich and diverse educational experience rooted in the belief that an education at Stowe empowers pupils to navigate, adapt and thrive in a turbulent world. This vision remains steadfast in the exceptional circumstances of the School’s physical closure. We remain committed to providing transformational learning experiences which foster the development of intellect, character and creativity. 

As we face a term of online distance teaching, we will continue to connect meaningfully with pupils through digital means, no matter where they are in the world. Closure refers only to the bricks and mortar of Stowe’s buildings, this is not a shut-down of the School’s operations. There is so much more to a Stowe education than the three-dimensional experience: we will continue to teach Stoics how to interpret and solve complex problems, develop their skills in original thinking and creativity, understand and harness their emotional intelligence and collaborate and work in teams. The digital world cannot replace the full richness, unpredictability, joy and excitement of face-to-face teaching, but, with every available technology, Stoics and their teachers can creatively re-imagine how subjects can be brought to life in a new, fully digital and remote environment. We will continue to build a school of international significance which empowers every Stoic to go out into a changing world, prepared and equipped to succeed. Stoics should leave Stowe ready to change as the world changes and be ready to change the world.