John Sauven is the executive director of Greenpeace UK, an economist and environmentalist. He has been the director of Greenpeace since 2008. As director, sauven has helped to shape greenpeace uk’s commitment to defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing environmentally responsible solutions. @greenpeaceuk


Neil has been swimming competitively for the past 22 years and represented Malta on their Olympic team in Athens 2004. Neil founded ‘Wave of Change’ which has enhanced his ambition not only to reach new goals but to promote the causes of the environment that we all live and swim in today. he does so particularly by raising awareness on the damage being done by ocean plastics and micro-plastics.

Joycelyn Longdon is the founder of ClimateInColour, an online education platform and community for the climate curious, dedicated to making climate science and justice issues more accessible and diverse. Joycelyn is also a PhD student at Cambridge University, currently researching the application of artificial intelligence to climate change: working on centring indigenous knowledge systems and marginalised voices in algorithms. @climateincolour


Max La Manna is a low food waste chef who is an advocate for sustainability and reducing food waste. All his recipes have no food waste and use minimal plastics. Max is also an author, and his cookbook has been named the 2nd most sustainable in the world. Max hosts a BBC series educating people on how to reduce food waste and teach people to be more reliant on the food they already have.  

The new Liberal Democrat leader was promoted in February 2012 to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and the main achievements was enabling a massive increase in renewable electricity in the UK, radical reforming of competition in the UK’s retail supply for gas and electricity and developing a range of policies to getting the EU to adopt a tough policy on energy security.

As one of television’s best-loved wildlife presenters, Michaela Strachan’s list of credits is extensive, they include the BBC’s Shark Encounters and Elephant Diaries, as well as Channel Five’s Michaela’s Challenge – for which she won a Bafta. she has filmed in Borneo for BBC2’s Orangutan Diaries. Michaela’s other presenting highlights include the BBC’s longest running wildlife series, the Really Wild Show, Springwatch and Countryfile, as well as Discovery’s Postcards from the Wild and Adopt a Wild Animal.