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Download or subscribe to the iCal. Please see below for detailed instructions and information about both options.

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Downloading a calendar
Downloading a calendar is a good way to add events to your calendar that are not going to change.

Subscribing to a calendar
If you subscribe to an iCal, updates your calendar. Please note that this update can take more than 24 hours to filter to your phone, so if you are travelling to Stowe for a specific event it is worth checking the School website.

To add this calendar to your PC, go to Outlook Calendars, select Open Calendar, From Internet and paste in the link that has been generated, by clicking the Subscribe to School iCal button above.

To add this calendar to your Mac, go to Calendar, choose File, New Calendar Subscription. Enter the calendar's web address provided by the subscribe button above, then click Subscribe. Enter a name for the calendar then follow the setups to help identify it on your calendar. If these settings don't seem correct, visit the apple support centre to find the latest instructions.

To add this calendar to your iPhone, go to Settings, select Accounts & Passwords, select Other, select Add Subscribed Calendar, paste in the link provided to you here into the field available. Click Next and then Save these changes. Double check that these have been added correctly by looking in your calendar.
If these steps don't seem right, visit the apple support page to find out the latest instructions.

By default, Android OS does not synchronize with iCal. However, there is a free application on Google Play store that enables ICal feeds on Android phones. 


  1. Download and Install ICalSync application from here 
  2. Run iCalSync app on android phone and it would give you an option to go to "Go to Sync Accounts"
  3. Click on "Add account" from the bottom right. 
  4. Select ICalSync.
  5. Enter Name and other details. In "choose URL" enter the link that has been generated. (Note: replace webcal:// with http:// in this link)
  6. Set synchronize time to 15 Min and save it.
  7. You will start seeing all your appointments directly in your mobile's native calendar. You can even customise settings to get an alert prior to appointments.
Sports Fixtures
To download the sports fixtures please visit our sports website on your mobile and add the app to your Home Screen.