Third Form Curriculum Choices

With the demise of Key Stage 3 in the maintained sector, many secondary schools have moved to three year programmes of Key Stage 4 (GCSE). At Stowe the pupils will follow a common curriculum for the Michaelmas term before choosing their GCSE options, with Key Stage 4 programmes starting in January. By extending the GCSE courses over two and a half years, the pupils will benefit from additional subject enrichment and extension and an increased emphasis on study skills and information literacy. Pupils and parents will be fully involved in the process of making GCSE choices and invited to discuss option choices at a parent/teacher meeting to be held in November.

For the first term of the 2017-2018 academic year at Stowe pupils will follow a curriculum that provides a choice of two modern foreign languages, chosen from French, German and Spanish. It is assumed that some pupils may not have had the opportunity to study one or more of these subjects before, so provision will be made to cater for their different needs via our setting arrangements.

Please indicate on the form below which two languages from this list you would like your son or daughter to study from September. If your child has already been studying a language we recommend that they continue with that language and choose a second one from the remaining options. We strongly discourage starting two languages ab initio and parents should note that there is an expectation that those opting for French will have at least two years of experience of the language. In order to assist our setting arrangements, please provide information about their experience or ability in their chosen languages e.g. has studied abroad; has studied the language for two years; has a parent who is a native speaker in Spanish; has never studied the language before. Whilst we will do our best to support your preferred option, we are restricted by set numbers and sizes and must reserve the right to make the final decision.

In addition to Modern Languages, pupils need to choose between studying Latin or a bespoke course in English grammar for their first term which we are calling ‘Write Right’.  Provision will be made within the timetable for those who have either, previously studied Classical Greek and wish to continue with the subject, or who would like to study Greek as a beginner; these lessons will be timetabled in place of P.E. during the Third Form year. We regret that we are unable to offer Greek GCSE within our formal curriculum from September 2018 but will offer a regular Greek Club as part of our extra-curricular programme which may, or may not, depending on individuals’ progress lead to the formal GCSE qualification at the end of two years. It would be helpful if you could indicate your interest in your son/daughter studying Classical Greek on the form below.

Please complete the form as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 16 June.

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