Online Networking

There are a number of ways you can network with other Old Stoics online via Social Media. 

The Old Stoic Register inegrates with LinkedIn, so you can search for members by name, house, year, industry or location and then connect with an interact with them via LinkedIn. 

In addition, you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. There are also a number of industry based groups available on LinkedIn for you to start conversations with other members.

Old Stoics can join a number of LinkedIn Groups to network with other members. Please find links to these groups below:

Old Stoics

Old Stoic in Health, Social Care, Education and Charities

Old Stoics in Fashion, PR and Luxury Goods

Old Stoics in Marketing, Events and Hospitality

Old Stoics in Arts, Media and Entertainment

Old Stoics in Law, Insurance, Business and Finance

Old Stoics in Property, Construction and Land Management

Old Stoics in Travel, Leisure and Sport

Old Stoics in Science, Technology and Engineering

Stowe School, Buckinghamshire Alumni

These groups provide a forum for ideas, advice and opportunities for members. New connections can be made via these groups as well as mentor requests for those looking for help starting out in their career.