Fishing at Stowe

Please email to discuss arranging a day pass.

Old Stoics can apply to the Old Stoic Office for a day pass to fish the Oxford Water. To arrange a pass, please email 

The pass needs to be collected from the North Hall Reception upon arrival at Stowe and kept on your person throughout the day and returned to North Hall when you leave.

Please find guidance below:

- The Old Stoic must sign in upon arrival at Stowe and collect a fishing pass.
- The pass bearer should keep the pass and their Stowe visitor badge on their person at all times and show them upon request.
- Fishing is only permitted in the Oxford WaTER. The pass does not grant permission to fish in any other waters on the Stowe Estate.
- Please ensure that you keep lines and equipment off footpaths and do not obstruct National Trust Visitors.
- The pass bearer should return to North Hall to sign out when they have finished fishing and return their pass.

Old Stoics who live close to Stowe and wish to fish regularly may do so by joining the Stowe Angling Club. Please contact the Membership Secretary for more information.