Stowe-X Rock & Blues Collective

For all OSs who love Rock, Blues and Country Music, this club meets regularly for gigs across London.

Club Secretary Nigel Milne (Chandos 68)

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Forthcoming Events

Nigel Milne has arranged free entry for Old Stoics to Metropolis Studios every Wednesday evening for their Metropolis Live events.

Wednesday 24 May

Metropolis Live x Clash High Tyde & Future Thieves

The forthcoming show in Studio A on Wednesday May 24th features an amazing US act called Future Thieves and fast-evolving Brighton based indie act High Tyde. To date we've had Saint Leonard's Horses, Bad Pop, Piano Wire,The King's Parade, Nimmo, Ten Fe, Our Girl, The Orwells, Lola Coca and Leks Rivers.

Click here grab your free tickets.