Stowe-X Rock & Blues Collective

For all OSs who love Rock, Blues and Country Music, this club meets regularly for gigs across London.

Club Secretary Nigel Milne (Chandos 68)

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Forthcoming Events

Tuesday 29 March – WOLF ALICE a brilliant band who are just beginning to break through. After this Summer’s festivals their name will be huge.
Monday 18 April – NERINA PALLOT This girl is, I feel, the UK’s most underrated singer/songwriter. Nerina has five excellent albums and 15 E.Ps each one an absolute gem. It is a prolific output – last year she released one EP each month! ( check out the GRAND UNION ep. Best album is probably FIRES ). Terrific tunes, excellent story telling via intelligent lyrics all delivered in an elegantly laconic voice.
Thursday 21 April – LUX LISBON This is a new band to me but comes highly recommended. They are performing with Old Stoic ORLANDO SEALE AND THE SWELL an excellent band who I have seen on several occasions. Mesmerising tunes with dark and quirky lyrics delivered with great elegance by the charismatic Orlando.
Wednesday 25 May – ARTHUR BEATRICE  This is a keyboard driven quartet ( all of them OSs ! ) fronted by the sublime Ella Giradot, whose vocal range on their second album ( due to be released very soon ) has increased dramatically – captivating stuff.