Old Stoic Aerospace Start-up

30 March 2017


An Old Stoic is behind a brand new fast-jet training system that is set to transform military fast-jet pilot training and help revive the UK’s capability in overall aircraft design.
Tristan Crawford (Grenville 92), has founded AERALIS, an aerospace start-up with a vision for developing a new, all-UK developed jet trainer system that will also inspire and develop the next generation of UK engineers, scientists and designers. The project incorporates a wide range of engineering, IT, training and manufacturing technologies and will help protect the UK’s critical whole aircraft and defence technology capabilities, whilst also boosting UK exports through answering a global need for new trainers from 2020 onwards.
Taking inspiration from the world of commercial aerospace, AERALIS will use a common fuselage and centre wing with a family of outer wings and ‘off-the-shelf’ engine, systems and components to develop the world’s only jet trainer that can truly address both the Basic and Advanced trainer markets, whilst also reducing operating costs for operators through high commonality of spares, maintenance and support across the entire system.
Tristan writes, “There is a strong market need for more integrated, adaptable and efficient training to deliver the world’s best pilots demanded by the world’s most advanced fast jets. Existing basic and advanced trainer designs are ageing and over the next ten years many will need to be replaced to support the increasing capability and cost demands of future fast-jet training,” added Crawford. “This project will create great opportunities to train and develop our engineers and apprentices in a broad range of defence and aerospace-critical skills in answer to the call to double engineer training to 180,000 per year, as well as new export revenue in airframes, engines and integrated avionics and training information technology. Importantly, it will establish a high-appeal aerospace project that will engender a much-needed sense of pride in what UK technology and manufacturing can achieve.”
To deliver this next generation fast-jet training solution AERALIS has completed independent studies to confirm the market and commercial feasibility, and is now seeking investment and industry partners to enter an exciting new phase of detailed design and engineering development. For more information, please visit the AERALIS website, or contact Nicholas Birtles, Commercial Director at