The Stowe Group

2 November 2020

We are delighted to announce the creation of The Stowe Group.

From 1 January 2021, Swanbourne House School and Winchester House School will join The Stowe Group and this will mark the beginning of a new era for all three schools.

About the Stowe Group of Schools

Our ambition is to build a strong group of schools that will thrive by enhancing our existing strengths and by continuing to provide a world-class education for all our pupils.

The formation of the Stowe Group will enable the member schools to benefit from a wealth of shared expertise. It will provide opportunities for sharing strategic leadership, resources for professional development and ideas, as well as delivering cost efficiencies across the Group. Most importantly, it will enable pupils to benefit from Group facilities, leadership opportunities and enhanced teaching and learning environments.

Stowe is proud of its reputation for breaking the educational mould, and we believe that we should continue to play our part in the national education debate. Together, the Group will prepare our pupils for the world they are entering, a world that is changing faster than ever before. We are passionate about educating our pupils to be ready to adapt as the world changes and to go out into the world and make positive change. We believe in delivering transformative educational experiences that will shape pupils’ attitudes and behaviours. By doing so, Stowe is creating a generation of Change Makers and we are delighted that Swanbourne House and Winchester House want to share in this vision.

About Swanbourne House and Winchester House Schools

Swanbourne House and Winchester House have a long tradition of sending pupils to Stowe. In recent years, the number of children joining us from these schools has increased. It is perhaps no surprise that our shared ethos and values make Stowe a destination school for their pupils and making this connection to these schools more formal has become the natural next step. Together, we are even better placed to provide outstanding educational opportunities for all our pupils.

For both Schools, joining the Stowe Group will offer support for long-term development, enhanced opportunities for pupils to pursue their passions inside and outside the classroom.

How has this decision been taken?

As you might expect, the formation of the Group has involved lengthy and detailed discussions which have taken place over several months involving the Heads, the Governors and members of the senior management teams. The Governors, as the trustees of the charities, having taken this decision are now thrilled to share the news of what will be an exciting new period in our history.

We appreciate you may have some questions about the formation of the Group and to help answer these we have created a Frequently Asked Questions Booklet which can be viewed here.