The “Big Idea”

1 July 2020

Business start-ups and the impact of Covid-19 on innovation and opportunity 

Tim Dew (Chandos 90) presented to the Fifth and Sixth Form on his various careers and his journey towards establishing Games Without Frontiers (https://rocket. Tim is the founder of a serious games company called GAMES WITHOUT FRONTIERS. Serious games is the application of game technology in the workplace. They use cutting edge behavioural science, cloud technology and game theory to transform organisational learning.

According to Tim’s presentation, “we can teach anyone how to run and optimise a complete organisation in a single day.” Tim talked about the ‘Big idea’, his startup journey and why Covid-19 has forced a rapid (agile) re-invention of what he does, which has opened a global market.

Tim guided Stoics through his early dreams of being a Vet that led him to work for various firms from a brewery, as a consultant to a business broker. Tim discussed the rewards and perils of business start-up and running your own business and how he learned important lessons in life and business through successes as much as from failures.

Tim’s company has developed Rocket Remote which is an online business simulation that helps participants experience the pressures of running a commercial business. 10 Lower Sixth students completed the Rocket Remote simulator.

At the end of Tim’s talk, Stoics had plenty of opportunity to ask their questions, which were based around developing new business concepts, sources of finance, how does Rocket Remote differentiate itself from the competition and the stresses of running and growing a new business.

If you would like to watch the recording of Tim’s talk, please click here,

Dr Gordon West, Deputy Head Sixth Form