Stowe Careers Fair 2017

18 November 2017


The Stowe Careers’ Fair took place on Saturday 18 November, for the Lower Sixth. The State Rooms hosted Old Stoic representatives from 40 different industries, including Property, Banking, Advertising, Landscape Design, Pharmaceuticals and Marketing. This year, we had an Old Stoic and Parent who worked for Google present, needless to say, they had constant queues of Stoics lined up to speak to them all morning.
Stoics were encouraged to speak to as many different people as possible, to find out about industries that might interest them. The Old Stoics and guests who took part in the Fair were extremely impressed with their engagement and insightful questions. I would like to thank the Stoics who took part for setting such a good impression to our guests and dressing so smartly for the occasion. I hope those who attended found it useful.
I end with a reminder: the OS Office can help with contacts, work experience and mentoring, all you need do is ask.
Anna Semler (Nugent 05)
Old Stoic Society Director