Stowe becomes a UCL Holocaust Beacon School

26 September 2019


Stowe becomes a UCL Holocaust Beacon School

Stowe is delighted to have become a Holocaust Beacon School which is a status given by University College, London’s Centre for Holocaust Education. This exciting backing from UCL is only awarded to a handful of schools each year and reflects the School’s commitment to developing our pupils’ understanding of the Holocaust.

As a Beacon School we are committed to the view that the Holocaust is a critically important part of young people’s education while appreciating the complex challenges that the Holocaust raises as a school subject. In order to receive this status we have already demonstrated an existing commitment to the importance of Holocaust education as well as a keenness to embrace creativity and innovation into in our curriculum.

Being awarded this status not only recognises our current delivery of Holocaust education and how we develop our pupils’ understanding but it also provides the School opportunities to further develop our pupils learning through cross-curricular initiatives and shows a commitment to increasing expertise and teaching standards to advanced levels.

Ms Francesca Holloway, who teaches Philosophy & Religion at Stowe, is the School’s Lead Teacher for the Beacon programme and will work with our Executive Leadership Team to make Holocaust education a priority. Ms Holloway will also advocate better Holocaust education in other schools across the region. Her work will include developing a Scheme of Work specifically targeted to the needs of our pupils whilst organising outreach to other schools across the region to share her knowledge and to help with the development of their educational programmes. This outreach will include a CPD day for local teachers from both the State and Independent sectors. Ms Holloway will also attend a four-day residential course at UCL over the half term break and will visit Poland in April 2020.

Ms Holloways says of the School’s Beacon School Status:

"Teaching about the Holocaust effectively, so that students come to understand the roots and ramifications of prejudice and discrimination has always been of tremendous importance to me as a Philosophy and Religion teacher. I am delighted to have the opportunity to represent Stowe as the Lead Teacher in the Holocaust Beacon School’s initiative."