Stowe announces partnership with SIlverstone UTC

3 August 2017


Stowe has joined forces with Silverstone UTC to provide enhanced educational and co-curricular opportunities for pupils at both schools.

The partnership is intended to demonstrate the best that can be achieved by independent and state schools working together.

Stowe and Silverstone UTC are linked by history and geography: the UTC overlooks the famous F1 race track built on land once owned by Stowe's former owners, the Dukes of Buckingham, and Stowe Corner, perhaps the fastest bend on the circuit, is less than three miles from Stowe School. The area is an acknowledged hub for high performance engineering and technical innovation with 8 F1 teams based in the West Midlands and Oxfordshire, "Motorsport Valley", with an estimated turnover of £6bn per annum.

The UTC and Stowe have already shared curriculum resources and teacher training opportunities while pupils have benefited from inter-school sports competitions and joint participation in Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.

Pupils from both schools will take part in subject study days with staff pooling their resources and expertise. The new partnership will enable UTC pupils to have opportunities to study subjects not available at their school, while Stowe pupils will be able to study engineering with supervised access to the UTC's superbly equipped workshops. There will be more sports competitions and opportunities for staff and pupils alike to join in community and charity events. UTC pupils studying Business and Technical Events Management will be offered work placements with Stowe Enterprises Limited.

The partnership has been formalised by reciprocal governance arrangements. Stowe has appointed Vanessa Stanley, Deputy Principal of Silverstone UTC, to join their Board of Governors, while Silverstone UTC has appointed Crispin Robinson, Senior Deputy Head of Stowe School, to its Board of Directors.

The President of the Old Stoic Society, Sir Richard Branson, said "The alliance between Stowe and Silverstone UTC provides a model framework for state and independent partnerships. The teaching of high quality engineering, design and technology in our schools is a vital requirement for the UK’s prosperity as we contemplate the future outside the EU. Pupils will benefit from the combined expertise of world-class teaching, cutting-edge facilities, academic and vocational training. Through collaboration, problem-solving, communication and team work, these two schools will enhance the UK’s reputation for creativity, imagination and expertise in manufacturing, product design and engineering.”