Running for Leonard Cheshire Disability

3 February 2017


Fern Parker, who works in the catering team at Stowe, will be running this year's London Marathon in aid of Leonard Cheshire Disability.

Leonard Cheshire was a pupil at Stowe from 1931 to 1936, he was one of the most decorated pilots of the Second World War.

Leonard Cheshire Disability supports people with disabilities to over come the obstacles that society place upon them. They do this through: campaigning; providing care in people’s own homes; supported rented accommodation; residential homes; day centres; and respite services.

Fern writes, "I have come to recognize that many people with disabilities face daily challenges, so I decided to set myself a massive challenge and to do a marathon to support Leonard Cheshire. I have gained an insight and understanding of some of the challenges that people with disabilities face through my work at Stowe and my friend Charlotte. 

Charlotte is reliant on her personal care assistants to support her to do things such as: getting dressed/undressed, getting in and out of bed, cooking, and driving her places. If Leonard Cheshire had not campaigned to stop 15 minute care calls, her life would be; very limited, she would not have completed University, would be unable to work, and would be isolated within her home. It's campaign such as these that makes Leonard Cheshire such an outstanding charity that supports people with physical impairments and learnings disabilities to live life to the full, as independently as possible and to be more integrated into society. 

Another campaign that they did which is very close to my heart was 'Home truths'. Imagine living in a home where you can only live in the living room and kitchen, these rooms are your bedroom, bathroom, eating areas, and you cannot get out of the house without support.  Most people don't expect to have to wash out of their sink, go to the loo in their kitchen and to sleep in the living room, so why should some people with disabilities? Leonard Cheshire is campaigning to ensure the next generation of homes are all easily adaptable. 

I have worked at Stowe School for 22 years, therefore I felt a natural allegiance to Leonard Cheshire. I wanted to raise awareness and funds for the charity that I have seen do amazing work, over the years. I run for Buckingham and Stowe running club and I have completed a few half marathons. I have developed a desire and passion to push myself, to achieve things that I never expected. Which has a similar parallel to Leonard Cheshire's principles."

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