Roger Hodgson Concert 2017

3 July 2017


It is by now a strong Stowe tradition that on the night before Speech Day we host a memorable musical event and 2017 was no exception. Before the main gig, the crowds were entertained by rising stars in the music world, George Huxtable (OS) and Patrick Keating (OS ), also known as HUX. Another home grown act was Ben ² comprising Ben Andrew and Ben Weston from our own Music staff. For the main event, we were delighted to welcome back the legendary rock star and OS, Roger Hodgson, to entertain large numbers of the public, Stowe parents and Stoics. With songs old and new the audience was soon up on their feet as rockers of all ages enjoyed the beat and sang along. The warm evening sunshine and picnics enhanced the positive ambience inside and outside of the marquee and everybody went home happy to prepare for the next day’s big event.

Crispin Robinson, Second Master