OSGS v Stowe Golf

14 March 2017


Old Stoics golfers help School team prepare for Micklem Trophy

The Old Stoic Golfing Society (OSGS) with the help of Stowe Professional, Andrew Hancox, arranged two matches against the School team to prepare for the Micklem Trophy at Woking.

The Old Stoics won the first match on the famous Old Course at Sunningdale with the presence of four members(Haydn Brooks, Peter Hale, Stephen Wilcox and Charles Dimpfl) in their team a crucial factor.

However the School team got revenge with a 5-1 win at Woking over a different Old Stoic line up lead by OSGS Captain, Nick Luddington, on Micklem Trophy practice day. The boost to their confidence inspired the Stowe team who after a close loss to Bradfield (eventual winners of the Micklem Trophy) beat Harrow and Charterhouse to claim the Micklem Trophy Plate.

The progress the team has made under the tuition of Andrew Hancox since the Old Stoics played them at Stoke Park in September is fantastic and we look forward to them playing in the Halford Hewitt and Grafton Morrish when they leave the School.