OS Corkscrew: White Burgundy and Bordeaux with Goedhuis & Co

1 March 2018


On Wednesday, 28 February, Old Stoics from across the country braved the ‘Beast from the East’ to attend the first Old Stoic event of 2018: a Corkscrew tasting led by Hugo McMullen and Ruairi O’Hara from Goedhuis & Co, featuring great French classics: White Burgundy and Bordeaux.

The tasting featured 15 different wines, which guests enjoyed at their leisure, whilst discussing the merits of each wine with the experts. The evening was a sell out, with over sixty guests in attendance. As ever, our wine tastings continue to very popular with Old Stoics.

Robert Pasley-Tyler (Grafton 63) kindly allowed us to host the event at his venue, Pasley-Tyler at 42 Berkeley Square. Its sumptuous, comfortable interiors were perfect and its central location proved a hit with our guests.

Our next wine tasting will be a chocolate and wine paring evening, on Wednesday 16 May 2018, at The Crabtree in Fulham. Tickets are £15.00 per person, as ever, Old Stoics, Parents, friends and guests are welcome. For full information and to purchase tickets, please click here: