Open Mic Night

22 November 2016


On Sunday 13 November the Ugland Auditorium played host to this term’s Open Mic Night. The event was packed with both audience and performers. An amazing 23 performances were on the bill and it is credit to these performers that the evening was so varied and stayed on schedule.

We were treated to a poem by Ishiqa Singh (Fourth Form, Queen’s) and this indicated a trend for original work to feature with memorable performances of self-penned songs by both Max Campbell-Preston (Lower Sixth, Grafton) and Natasha Woods (Lower Sixth, Queen’s). A range of instruments were used by performers to accompany themselves, Sofia Atkinson-Hieber (Third Form, Nugent) and Mimi Pearson-Gee (Third Form, Nugent) both giving stunning vocal performances from the piano. Lucy Sutherland (Lower Sixth, Nugent) presented her take on Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ with a ukulele providing the harmonic role. Mali Aitchison (Lower Sixth, Nugent) provided fantastic performances including a duet with Olivia Thomas (Lower Sixth, Nugent) and also acted as an accompanist for Emily Banks’ (Fourth Form, Lyttelton) soulful vocal performance.

Rounding the evening off was a band fronted by Henry Gauvain (Lower Sixth, Temple) featuring Arthur Marriott (Lower Sixth, Chandos), Dan Jolker (Lower Sixth, Cobham) and Natasha Woods. There are too many performances for me to mention them all but my thanks go out to all who attended and took part, in particular to Henry and Mali for presenting the evening so professionally.

Photos of the event can be seen here.

Miles Nottage, Head of Rock, Pop and Jazz